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Suzanne Shelton presents ‘The Sustainable American Dream’ at the 2015 NAHB International Builders’ Show (IBS) in Las Vegas.


Quick: can you think of something you’ve purchased lately that you wanted but didn’t truly need?

Now can you think of something you purchased that you neither wanted nor needed?

Therein lies the challenge and the opportunity for marketing energy efficiency (EE). Most Americans don’t think they need it or want it…so they don’t do much about it. If we can shift them into believing they want it, we’ll make some progress. Based on our findings from our 2014 National Energy Pulse Study conducted online with 2,000 Americans, representing a cross-section of the US population:

Since most Americans who have the disposable income to make improvements of any kind are not living in shanties with obvious holes in the walls, it’s going to be near impossible to convince them that they need energy efficiency (and yes, most of us do have all kinds of holes in our walls, basements and attics….believe me, after years at this, it’s painfully hard to get people to actually see that.)

So our path forward is to help them want energy efficiency. How do we do that?

Want them to want EE? Adhere to this advice and you should turn the tide over time.


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