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Research & Trends Your Focus on Sustainability Is the Key to Improving Living Environments Moving Forward

As Chief Sustainability Officer for Owens Corning, I’m grateful to know our people and products across the globe contribute in a measurable and profound way to make the world a better place. We value our work with leading builders across the country who are motivated to build better homes for their customers, and our three pillars of sustainability – Environmental Stewardship, Economic Prosperity and Social Progress – are directly linked to the work of building better living environments.

Environmental Stewardship. Our world population is expanding faster than the ecological capacity of our world to sustain it. High performance buildings use fewer and better resources to build, maintain and operate buildings of enduring value and directly reduce waste and energy. The industry continues to leverage building science, education and outreach to reveal and demonstrate ever-improving efficient and effective ways to achieve these goals.

Economic Prosperity. The economic benefits of building homes that operate with clean air, less water and less energy are numerous and directly reduce the operating and maintenance cost of buildings, while protecting the owner’s investment. Builders creating high performing homes also provide good, secure jobs to their employees and promote the growth of other businesses that support the building industry. Energy efficiency is a growth opportunity.

Social Progress and Personal Well-Being. Much has been written about the human cost of the physical changes to our world driven by climate change. Those costs associated with food security, poverty, water and air quality are well documented. Building better living environments that reduce consumption of resources provides hope to millions of people around the world. The building of High Performance Homes provide comfort, security and peace of mind to those living and working in them.

We share a deep commitment with our customers to make a positive impact in the world. Please take a moment to review the progress we’ve made in our sustainability journey through our Sustainability Report, and let us know how your journey is progressing.

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