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Optimizing Thermal Performance: One Builder’s Experience

From the start, the relationship between Quail Homes and Owens Corning has been based on trust. ​From top-notch customer service, to the attention to detail that goes into one of their homes, partnering with Owens Corning is helping Quail Homes exceed buyers' expectations before, during and after construction.


Simplifying the Science of Insulation for Your Customers

Thermal insulation has been used in buildings all over the world for many decades. Yet every so often, even seasoned professionals face a difficult time explaining how it works. And frankly, the mechanisms involved are not that simple. Find out more about how insulation works in this article.


Teaming Up to Build Demand for High-Performance Homes

​To further pursue energy-efficient, sustainable building, New Town Builders and Owens Corning Insulating Systems functioned as an integrated team to build demand by translating advanced building science into meaningful homebuyer benefits worth paying for.


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