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Part 2: Marketing to Today’s Self-Educating Homebuyer

A major shift in the way homes are listed may boost home buyer interest in home performance. I say could, because it’s too soon to tell. As of February 2016, about nine states have added Home Energy Ratings to real estate MLS listings. This means that homebuyers can now make an “apples-to-apples” comparison of a home’s energy performance, as it relates to future energy use.


How to Profitably Meet the Growing Need For Air Sealing

In today’s residential marketplace, air sealing has become a fundamental part of the home building equation. As building codes and Home Energy Rating System (HERS) targets have evolved, so too has the need for builders to incorporate air sealing into the build equation.


3 Key Factors Contributing to a Home’s Livability

From a building science perspective, three things define a home's comfort level: moisture, temperature and noise. Taking care of these three issues in a home, new or old, will go a long way toward making it the livable, comfortable place that it should be.


“Leaky” Home? Check These 5 Energy-Losing Areas First

For some, winter means overheated apartments and clanky radiators, but for homeowners it’s more often a struggle to keep an inefficient home cheaply warmed. Here is a look at five problem areas that cause heat loss in colder climates and older homes with some potential solutions to explore.


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